OEW Waste Stream Audit

OEW Recycling provides a service that enables your business to complete the critical first step in measuring the cost-benefit of a successful recycling program. It is called a Waste Stream Audit.

In the Waste Stream Audit process, we help you to understand the total financial and environmental impact of the waste streams in your organization. We do this by aggregating the total volume and type of waste that you generate and then calculate the costs, both financial and environmental, associated with processing this waste.

This information is organized and analyzed by OEW recycling specialists. We provide a variety of reports that pinpoint specific opportunities for your organization to save money on your waste management activities, reduce the amount of waste you send to the landfill, as well as to identify areas where you can actually generate revenue from the materials that you are recycling.


Tasks Include:

1. Identify the Materials in Your Waste Stream

2. Determine Weight/Volume

3. Assess Waste Processing Options

4. Document Current Costs

5. Project Revenue Potential

6. Produce Greenprint Report™

Steps Are:

1. Planning Meeting

2. Data Collection - Site Visits

3. Staff Interaction

4. Report Generation

5. Audit Presentation