Convert Waste Materials to Cash

What does OEW Recycling purchase from businesses?

We purchase items made of aluminum, copper, brass, steel, and other metals. We also purchase corrugated cardboard, insulated wire, and motor oil. Our prices are competitive and we make it easy for your business to redeem items for cash that may have otherwise gone to the landfill. Here is a list of items we purchase from commercial accounts. All prices are quoted by OEW based on the volume of materials, weight, and condition at the time of purchase.


 Effective January 7, 2013 - Subject to confirmation at time of purchase

scrap metal prices



How does OEW Recycling determine the value of my recyclables?

OEW will conduct a waste stream audit of your business as the first step in preparing a recycling plan that maximizes your benefits. Our customized plan is called a Recycling Greenprint. In this plan we identify your waste stream by material types and volumes. We are able to identify items we buy, items we recycle but don’t buy, and items that we recycle but that we charge for processing. We use recognized industry sources such as the American Metal Association index to determine the best rate to pay you.



What are the benefits of working with OEW Recycling?

In most situations, we are able to create a cost neutral recycling solution for your business. This is achieved by maximizing the materials that can be recycled that will produce cash for your business and to cost effectively recycle materials that require special processing and may involve a fee. In all cases, we strive to increase your landfill diversion rates and to comply with all company and regulating agency requirements that your business must meet. We provide detailed reports each month that show exactly what your recycling performance was for that period as well as year-to-date totals. This would also include information pertaining to materials we purchased from you (receipts) and services you received from us (invoices).








OEW Recycling helps people change their throwaway habits by providing ecologically friendly, profitable, and easy ways to start making a positive impact on the environment.

Industrial facilities generate waste materials from their manufacturing, quality assurance, and packaging processes. Tons of recyclable materials are generated daily.