Available Resources

OEW Recycling is committed to a “greener” and more sustainable environment. Our services assist individuals, businesses, and industrial companies to reduce waste and to recycle materials that are produced in the course of living, doing business, or manufacturing products. Although we offer a variety of services, we are aware that there are many services and resources that we may not provide directly.


OEW Recycling has identified links to resources that many of you may be interested in contacting for further information or for obtaining support of your recycling activities. This is not an exhaustive list but these are resources that we think you will find very helpful. We will be adding to this as time goes on and as we become more aware of useful information.



The OEW staff is also available to assist you in any way we can as you work to maximize a sustainable recycling program. Contact us with any questions you might have or with any suggestions that you might want to pass on to us. (614.497.9299)


The following links are resources that we suggest you visit to have your questions answered or to learn more about recycling.