OEW Recycling

is a full service recycling business serving the central Ohio region. We partner with each of our customers to provide reliable, cost effective, and safe disposal and recycling services. We customize a solution to meet each customer’s specific needs and “green” priorities. In every situation, our customers recognize substantial benefits that range from maximizing the monetary returns on their recycling program, to regulatory compliance, to cost savings compared to existing disposal methods. By adopting “green” waste disposal processes, our customers demonstrate both good business practices and environmental responsibility.

people taking advantage of our waste management services

Each year our company successfully recycles thousands of tons of industrial, commercial and business waste that includes materials such as: plastics, ferrous and non ferrous metals, paper, card board, wood and a variety of e-Waste materials.

Our ability to collect and process materials for recycling ranges from common household objects to large industrial and commercial waste items.

OEW Recycling Helps You:


1. GO GREEN: OEW will assist your business create a comprehensive recycling plan.


2. REDUCE COSTS: OEW will assist your business reduce or eliminate costs associated with managing your waste stream.


3. DIVERT WASTE FROM LANDFILL: OEW will work with your business to decrease the amount of material that you send to landfill.


In the process of meeting these three goals, we attempt to make your waste management efforts cost neutral or in many cases, enable you to create a revenue stream from the materials that you are recycling. We look forward to having an opportunity to earn your business.


OEW Recycling helps people change their throwaway habits by providing ecologically friendly and easy ways to start making a positive impact on the environment. Beginning in February 2014, we eliminated our retail purchase of items from individuals, however, we do provide individuals other recycling options.

OEW Recycling will create a customized recycling program with you to decrease your costs, increase you landfill diversion rates, and convert much of your waste to cash – responsibly and efficiently.

Industrial facilities generate waste materials from their manufacturing, quality assurance, and packaging processes. Also, equipment is decommissioned and obsolete tooling is periodically replaced. Tons of recyclable materials are generated daily.