Reduce the Amount of Landfill Waste

Can our business reduce the amount of waste that we send to the landfill?

Yes. One of the primary goals of recycling is to reduce/eliminate the amount of waste that is sent to the landfill. Many businesses are making landfill diversion a top priority to show that they are environmentally responsible and good corporate citizens. OEW Recycling works with you to maximize your landfill diversion rate by increasing the quantity of waste materials that you recycle. We document your recycling performance so that your business can effectively communicate your recycling performance. Your customers will appreciate your extra effort to protect our environment.




Is landfill diversion worth the effort and expense?

OEW Recycling thinks it is a sound business practice for a company to maximize its recycling activity. We can show that your efforts will pay-off financially. Most of our customers realize a “revenue neutral” cost status regarding their waste stream management by converting some of their waste to cash payments which off-sets the fees associated with processing harder to recycle materials. In addition, their growing landfill diversion rate is often viewed as a competitive advantage because of its environmentally friendly impact.


OEW Recycling will build a customized landfill diversion plan for your business.

We will work with you to quantify the amount of landfill diversion your business can achieve. This approach ensures that you have hard data to share with management, ownership, and your customers regarding your recycling efforts. Your diversion plan serves both as a yardstick to measure your performance and as a compass to guide your recycling efforts.



OEW Recycling helps people change their throwaway habits by providing ecologically friendly, profitable, and easy ways to start making a positive impact on the environment.

Industrial facilities generate waste materials from their manufacturing, quality assurance, and packaging processes. Tons of recyclable materials are generated daily.