Reduce the volume of materials going to landfills!

Can I make a difference when I recycle unwanted or broken household items?

Yes. OEW Recycling is successful in diverting from landfills nearly 98% of the material that individuals bring to our facility. Most of this material would have gone to landfills had individuals not made the responsible decision to recycle. Each individual and each family makes a difference when bringing unwanted household items to our facility for recycling and reuse. OEW recycles more than 20 million pounds of material each year – much of it provided by individuals like you!


How can I reduce the amount of material that I send to landfills?

OEW Recycling cooperates with many other recycling efforts in our community. We provide a specific set of services that are geared to individuals that are committed to diverting waste from landfills. Our drop-off center is easy to get to and our trained staff assists you when you arrive. We are especially interested in recycling the following types of household appliances:

  • Refrigerators
  • Dehumidifiers
  • Furnaces
  • Stoves

Note: If Freon is removed prior to bringing the unit to Ohio E-Waste, the EPA now requires OEW Recycling to have proof that it was properly discarded. Please bring documentation that says who did it, when and where it was done. If you don’t have it, we can’t take the unit.

Are there materials that OEW Recycling does not accept?

Yes. Although we handle a variety of material types, there are certain items we are not equipped to recycle. Many items that your local municipality collects via curb-side programs – especially glass bottles and plastic food containers – are not items that we recycle.

We also do not accept tree, leaves or shrub debris, nor do we accept lawn clippings. If you have any questions about items that you would like to recycle, call one of our recycling specialists for advice at 614.497.9299.

OEW Recycling will create a customized recycling program with you to decrease your costs, increase you landfill diversion rates, and convert much of your waste to cash – responsibly and efficiently.

Industrial facilities generate waste materials from their manufacturing, quality assurance, and packaging processes. Tons of recyclable materials are generated daily.