Industrial Strength Product Destruction

Is OEW Recycling equipped to handle large product destruction jobs?

OEW Recycling provides product destruction services for projects involving large volumes of manufactured items or large individual items. We have destroyed more than 28,000 vacuum cleaners at one time and hundreds of damaged furnaces. We salvaged a 50-acre auto junk yard with hundreds of abandoned vehicles and we even disassembled the bodies of several decommissioned cargo airplanes.In all of these cases our goal was to cost effectively de-manufacture and then recycle these items so that they could not re-enter the marketplace.


Does OEW Recycling provide assurances that products or equipment it accepts for destruction are completely de-manufactured?

Yes. The extent of the destruction is determined by the customer’s requirements. In all cases, OEW Recycling will document via video recordings, still photos, or in-person inspections by the customer that the products have been destroyed according to the customer’s requirements. Certificates of Destruction are issued after the process has been completed.




Does OEW handle hazardous materials?

As a rule, OEW Recycling does not handle hazardous materials that require special collection and disposal permits. OEW Recycling focuses its Industrial recycling services on jobs that are large in scope but that do not involve hazardous materials.

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