Dispose of sensitive materials safely.

Does OEW Recycling have document shredding services?

Yes. OEW Recycling has a certified document destruction service. Many individuals have documents such as bank statements, old tax records, and payment receipts that have accumulated over time. OEW uses high-powered shredding equipment to turn these documents into tiny shreds of paper. This service is performed at our facility and can accommodate any volume of material you have.

Costs vary depending on the amount of documents that you want shredded. There is a minimum charge of $25.00 for document shredding of 25 pounds or less. An additional fee of $1.00 per pound is charged for volumes greater than 25 pounds.

Does OEW Recycling destroy storage media such as computer hard drives and floppy disks?

Yes. OEW Recycling uses our high-powered shears to destroy storage media of all sorts. If your home computer’s hard drive is broken or ready to be replaced, we provide you with a service that shears the hard drive into small pieces rendering the hard drive unusable and any content on it unreadable.

We also destroy compact discs, DVD discs, and cassette tapes of all kinds. The fees for this service depend on the volume and type of media you want destroyed. Minimum fees for hard drive destruction start at $5.00 per hard drive. CD, DVD, Floppy disks, and zip disks are destroyed at a cost of $0.50/lb. If you do not want the media destroyed, we will take it at no charge. 


Do I need an appointment to have documents or media destroyed?

Yes. You need to call ahead to make arrangements for document destruction. You can then bring your material to our drop-off center at 2050 East Williams Road Columbus Ohio 43207 and one of our recycling specialists will assist you. We can issue a certificate of destruction with each job we complete for an additional fee.

OEW Recycling will create a customized recycling program with you to decrease your costs, increase you landfill diversion rates, and convert much of your waste to cash – responsibly and efficiently.

Industrial facilities generate waste materials from their manufacturing, quality assurance, and packaging processes. Tons of recyclable materials are generated daily.