Boost Recycling Compliance

How can OEW Recycling assist our company comply with recycling requirements?

OEW Recycling provides a single source recycling solution for your business. Driven by a recycling plan created in partnership with you, OEW Recycling is able to focus attention on the activities that will meet your internal and external requirements. Compliance is a top priority and our trained recycling experts will help you boost your compliance ratings.


What documentation does OEW Recycling provide?

Compliance hinges on having good documentation. OEW Recycling provides a variety of reports that document the type, quantity, and weight of materials recycled each month. These reports show monthly totals, quarterly totals, and year-to-date totals.

We also include financial information related to the processing of these materials. This includes revenue that you have generated (receipts) as well as any fees you have paid (invoices). Samples are shown below. In the event that documents are required to certify that a particular process was completed (such as document shredding), we will include those in the monthly report.


Are there specific materials that OEW Recycling cannot process?

Yes. Our focus is on processing non-hazardous materials such as ferrous and non-ferrous metals, wood, most plastics, electronics, batteries, paper, cardboard, insulated and non-insulated wire, and most manufactured mechanical goods. We do not handle cars, glass objects, hazardous waste, or construction debris.

When we create a recycling plan with you for your business we will recommend additional resources that you may require in order to fully comply with the recycling guidelines applicable to your industry.

OEW Recycling helps people change their throwaway habits by providing ecologically friendly, profitable, and easy ways to start making a positive impact on the environment.

OEW Recycling will create a customized recycling program with you to decrease your costs, increase you landfill diversion rates, and convert much of your waste to cash – responsibly and efficiently.