Regulations and Restrictions Regarding Refuse

Are there restrictions on how I can dispose of items I no longer use?

Yes. Some household items are considered hazardous materials and must be disposed of in specific ways. For example, window air conditioners contain Freon and must be properly processed before they can be recycled. Certain kitchen appliances such as refrigerators also contain chemicals and must be properly recycled. Tires, televisions, and computer monitors are also restricted from landfills and require properly handling.

OEW Recycling accepts a wide range of materials. However, we are careful to disclose the materials that we do not accept or for which we charge a processing fee so that we can focus our efforts on recycling those materials that we are best qualified to process. By adhering to these standards OEW Recycling provides individuals with cost effective recycling services, plus we limit the amount of material sent to a landfill. 




Does OEW Recycling provide services that help me comply with these restrictions?

OEW Recycling can assist you in properly disposing of items that require special processing before they can be recycled. We accept air conditioners, refrigerators and freezers but the Freon or coolant fluid must be removed before we can accept them for recycling. A certified HVAC company or plumber must provide you with a certificate showing that the fluid was removed properly and this certificate must be presented us when you bring your unit.



What other items require special processing?

Tires, motor oil, computer monitors and televisions require special handling. If you have any questions about items that you would like to recycle and are not certain that OEW Recycling will accept them, call one of our recycling specialists for advice. (614.497.9299). Here is a list of items that require special attention. Any fees associated with processing these items are also listed. 



OEW Recycling will create a customized recycling program with you to decrease your costs, increase you landfill diversion rates, and convert much of your waste to cash – responsibly and efficiently.

Industrial facilities generate waste materials from their manufacturing, quality assurance, and packaging processes. Tons of recyclable materials are generated daily.